Beaker Set with Blue Scale ( 6 pieces)

 16.95 Inc. Vat

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Capacity: 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, 50ml and 10ml.
Can be used up to 135° Celsius, with blue scale.
Action-oriented and active-discovery learning.

  • Estimating spatial volumes and comparing them with objects from the world of experience
  • Repetition of different units of measurement in the size range of hollow measures
  • Scaling and function of a measuring cup
  • Measuring the volume of powdery solids (e.g. flour, sugar)
  • Measuring the volume of liquids at rest
  • Estimating filling quantities and checking filling quantities with a measuring cup
  • Reading off measurements from a measuring cup
  • Acquiring an idea of size for the unit liter
  • Converting units of measurement and assigning correct abbreviations (l, ml)
  • Relate measurement results < , > , =
  • Knowledge of the correct use of the respective measuring cup