This section has Early Years Maths materials. The idea is to use the hands on materials in play before introducing numbers. The child absorbs information that allows them accept the theoretical based on their practical experience. In free play they add on and subtract blocks. They have made nice patterns from different length strips that combine to the same length.
Joining the symbol with the quantity is the next objective.
3 D numbers are used first before a flattened image. Lay the cut out numbers 1-10 with counters out to show the progression in quantity as well as the number sequence. The bead strings and split box shown the child how the whole is divides into combinations. The stacking numbers are a fun way of showing the relationship between the number and the physical quantity.
The hands on addition board and subtraction boards are recommended to help the child understand the addition and subtraction process. Use the problem slips and answers to link the hands on to the written down.
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