Many parents start by saying “My child is struggling with maths.”
Afterschool teachers say the children can not add and subtract.
This section has Early Years Maths materials. The idea is to use “hands on” then the numbers. The hands on materials form the foundation for Early Years practical mathematics.
Start by playing with construction blocks.
The Bio-Buddi Number blocks introduce the symbols and blocks that join together from as early as 18 months.
Introduce matematicial materials such as the interlocking building cubes , the 126 Cuisenaire Rods 1 to 10 – RE-Wood and the Base Tens blocks, plates and rods in the construction play.
Use the Hands On – Early addition board with wooden strips to make up nice patterns on the board. This is a play together activity.
No maths has been taught yet but the child has absorbed information that allows them accept the theoretical based on their practical experience.
They are familiar in free play with adding on and subtracting blocks. They have made nice patterns from different length strips that combine to the same length.
Joining the symbol with the quantity is the next objective.
Use the Number 1-10 with tracing groove – place the correct number of balls in the groove. The spindle boxes also teach the meaning of zero. Its space is left empty. Lay the cut out numbers 1-10 with counters out to show the progression in quantity as well as the number sequence. The bead strings and split box shown the child how the whole is divides into combinations.
The stacking numbers are a way of showing the relationship between the number and the physical quantity.
Playing with the Touchtronic numbers on an IPad is fun. The numbers on the screen are flat and they link with the 3 dimensional numbers the child has in their hand.
The hands on addition board and subtraction boards are recommended to help the child understand the addition and subtraction process.
Make maths important – would you like 1 or 2 slices of Pizza.
I remember the bible story were the Egyptians stored the grain for famine .
They kept 1/5 of the crop each good year so they had enough for the seven years of drought. That convinced me counting was a good thing to know.
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