Cuisenaire Rods 1 to 10 – RE-Wood

 19.94 Inc. Vat


A material that has proven itself in practice. The classic Cuisenaire style rods  are an educational tool. These rods are more detailed than the classic plain rods.  Each rod has unit divisions of 1 cm.
They are named after the Belgian school inspector Cuisenaire. He used coloured rods to show children how to understand the numbers  and to do arithmetic operations.
Playing first with the rods without any maths helps the child have a real world example of numbers.
A nice activity is making designs. Take turns placing rods to make a design.
Leave a gap in the design and ask the child  to fill it.
The rods help children grasp addition and subtraction
Supplied in a  cotton bag in a cardboard box.
126 RE-WOOD® rods:
36 white cubes 1 cm
18 red 2 cm, Rod.
18 light green 3 cm Rod
12 pink 4 cm Rod
8 yellow 5 cm Rod
6 dark green 6 cm Rod
6 black 7 cm Rod
6 brown 8 cm Rod
6 blue 9 cm Rod
10 orange 10cm rods
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