Stacking Numbers 1 to 10 – RE-Wood natural

 39.95 Inc. Vat



Each stack number is as high as its value.
Each is an accurate physical representation of the number symbol.
The 1 is exactly 1cm high, the 10 accordingly 10cm high.
All numbers are 4cm wide and 3cm deep.
A difficulty occurs when a child learns the number sequence one to ten without understanding the relationship between the numbers.
They can be at a loss as to what adding the names together means.
The stacking numerals help them understand that three is greater than two by one rather than just the next number after two.
Stacking the numbers adds them together. The answer can be checked with number 5 that is the same height or by measuring with a ruler.
Playing with the stacking numerals and using the task cards brings a greater understanding of the relationships between the numbers.
This understanding makes the concepts of addition and subtraction easier to grasp.
Supplied: Set of 34 numbers.
1 x 12 , 2 x 7, 3 x 4, 4 x 4, 5 x 2, 6 x 1, 7 x 1, 8 x 1, 9 x 1, 10 x 1
Packed in a cardboard box , including control ruler and instructions.