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Let’s Grow Early Learning Shop is the online ecommerce store of Let’s Grow an importer and distributor of Early Years Educational products. We sell Educational Toys, Montessori Toys, Eco Toys, STEM Toys, Play to Learn Toys and Preschool Furniture. Parents , Grandparents, Child minders and Preschools can find items that have the Educational Edge. There is a wide range of Early Years Literacy products that are valuable assets to the preschool classroom and at home. Early Years Numeracy is catered for from the popular numbers and counter to helping the child understand addition , subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.
We believe in helping the child have a love of learning by working and playing with enjoyable and rewarding games and activities. Play to Learn games and activities give the child skills and insights that they use to progress in school . Often it is the lack of progress that brings a parent to find a product to help. Lets Grow is here to help. Feel free to contact Let’s Grow at [email protected]
Freight is free for orders over €75.

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