Montessori Broad Stairs – Natural Finish

 89.95 Inc. Vat



The Broad Stair consists of a series of ten graduated prisms all the same length but with cross-sections from 1cm³ to 10cm³. This classic Montessori piece has been precision made to an excellent quality and finish. The Broad Stair is used to develop visual and muscular discrimination of size in two dimensions, whilst the third remains constant, and to develop co-ordination and fine motor control. It offers an early pre-maths experience of comparison and seriation, and the opportunity to use vocabulary of size. The stair is built with the prisms placed next to one another. A child can explore other ways of using it, as a tower for example. It can also be combined with the Pink Tower and the interrelationships of size explored. This item is  natural wood finish. Early Learning Goals: Use language such as ‘greater’, ‘smaller’, ‘heavier’, or ‘lighter’ to compare quantities. Natural finish Montessori Broad stairs.
Warning: The larger blocks are very heavy. Please use under adult supervision at all times.