Flower Garden

 183.00 Inc. Vat


For tiny hands.


Suitable for nursery and pre-school ages.
Stacking game for small groups of 1-6 children.

1 base plate (diameter 40 cm / approx. 16 in)
6 stacking towers in 3 different heights
48 coloured stackable pieces, wooden
16 coloured stackable pieces, felt (100 % pure sheep´s wool)
1 woven basket
1 wooden watering can

The stacking pegs are extra-thick and smoothly rounded.

Play tips:
The 6 stacking towers are individually removable.
Each child takes their own tower.

While adults can devise various different goal-oriented rules for play including sorting according to shape, contour or colour, imaginative and creative play is also ensured without any set rules. Each child can select their favorite pieces to form their own flower. The wooden shapes are complemented by colourful felt flowers made from wool which have an utterly different feel on the skin and in the hands. Children begin to imitate things that adults do at a very early age. With the small wooden watering can, they can even “water” their flowers.

When playtime is over, the created flowers can be placed back onto the base plate, keeping the creative pride and joy alive until the next time.

Design: Barbara Seidler
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