Multipo – 20 Hardwood Build Blocks

 62.50 Inc. Vat

“Play and be amazed with simple shapes” is the motto of Kurt Naef, who in 1957 developed his first toy in accordance with educational criteria and in a modern design and went down in toy history as a luminary. The building blocks from Multipo in their simple form are already made for our youngest and are particularly suitable for differentiating, assigning and learning colors. The toddler tries to build stone on stone until the tower falls over and strings the stones together. There are first experiences that corner blocks, unlike the cube, fit differently in and on each other. Imagination and creativity unfold while building. Easy to understand examples for replicating are shown on the packaging.


The simple Multipo bricks are especially made for our youngest architects.
Multipo is very suitable for differentiating, for sorting and to learn the colours.
The child can line up bricks and put one of them on top of the other, until the tower collapses.
Of particular interest is to experience that corner stones, other than with cubes, fit into each other and can be put next to each other in different ways.
Contents: 20 coloured hardwood building blocks, edge length 40 mm.
Design: Kurt Naef