Speed Buggy Set

 59.95 Inc. Vat



The Speed ​​Buggies are a great gift for real car fans from 12 months. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. There is a suitable car for every taste. It doesn’t matter whether you’re whizzing around with the speed buggies, playing driving – going on a trip, visiting friends or racing around for the fun  there are no limits to the children’s imagination. The set also includes three garages for the speed buggies and three keys that can also lock the garages.
The different road elements can be combined and put together to build many different  roads for the Speed ​​Buggies. Creativity is given free rein. The Speed ​​Buggies and the Garages are very robust, stable and easy to use as they are specially made for children’s hands.
The production is made with high quality and non-toxic materials.
– Robust workmanship and stability
– Material is easy to clean
– high quality and non-toxic plastic.
4 Cars suitable for small hands.
A garage with 3 locking doors and  handle.
A 40 piece street system that can be made up into different tracks. Edges make it easy to keep on the track