Puzzle Series – Social Interaction – In The Schoolyard – Share the Space Share the Puzzle.

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Social integration and social cohesion are difficult terms to define.
I simply suggest that we define social integration as the process that lead to social cohesion.
Thereby we are left with the job of defining social cohesion, which ordinary citizens, policymakers and social scientists often just refer to
as the “glue” or the “bonds” that keep societies integrated.
Christian Albrekt Larsen, Professor,
Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies (www.ccws.dk),
Aalborg University, Denmark



Social interaction –  in the schoolyard.
Two children share the puzzle.
The  puzzle has large puzzle pieces on the left-hand side and small ones on the right-hand side.
You need to work together to complete the puzzle.
The image outline is on the base.
Wooden frame: 50 × 40 cm .
102 puzzle pieces.