Octotunes – Musical Sounds

 28.95 Inc. Vat







Montessori toys attract the child to play with them.
She discovers soft fabric, a nice smell, movable arms, a hand grip  and  musical sounds.
She sees her parents  enjoyment of learning to play a tune to her.
Eight Arms which sound a different note when squeezed.
With her physical actions she absorbs the concept of something having an individual sound.
With her physical actions she absorbs the concept of joining the individual sounds together.
With her physical actions she  absorbs the concept of random sounds and set sequenced sounds.
She absorbs the concept of rhythmic sound.
Later she will be introduced to the letters and their sounds.
She will be familiar with the concept.
The symbol “a” makes the phonic sound “a”
She is familiar which this in the physical world.
Large 30cm Diameter.
Carry Handle.
Friendly Face.
Vanilla Scented.
Surface Washable Fabric.
Award Winner.
Guide provided to play classic tunes.