Frogs – Percussion – Set of 4

 39.95 Inc. Vat



The frog has been hollowed out to allow it to make rhythmic sounds when tapped on the head with the beater.
The frog is held in the palm of the hand with the two front legs perched on the two turned up center fingers.
This opens up the frogs belly to let the sound travel outwards.
By tapping the frogs head with the wooden beater a rhythm is played.
If the frog is too big to fit in the child’s hand prop the two front legs up on a book and the child can hold it by the back legs while tapping the head.
These frogs are also called Guiro Frogs because a guiro sound is produced by bringing the wooden peg up along the back of the frog.
The set of four interest the children because of the changing sizes.
An exercise is to line them up according to their size with their hind legs in a straight line. A child can use the edge of a table as a guide.
Set contains the four frogs and four wooden beaters that fit in the frogs mouth for storage.