Three storey house with furniture & family of six.

 165.00 Inc. Vat


Good for playing, because there are three play areas and the tree house can be played on from all sides. 
Made of alder, hazelnut, hornbeam. Surface treated with linseed oil. 
Dimensions: 38x38x40cm 
Decoration furniture and gnomes are included. 
Since it is a purely natural product, the wood sometimes has more or less bark.

A 14 piece set of wooden furniture is supplied.
A kitchen set, Living room set  and a Bedroom set.
A family of six dolls live in the house.
Four adults and two children.
Made of flexible wire, wood and felt, standing on large feet for  soft forest floors.
The little elves can  easily be bent  into any position imaginable  , making them very lifelike.
Dimensions (incl. hat):
4 pieces approx. 8.5 cm,
2 pieces about 7 cm high