Spider in My Bath Music CD.

 9.95 Inc. Vat



23 fun songs all about bugs to sing along or as entertaining background music.
1. Spider in the bath 2. Wiggly Woo 3. Incy wincy spider 4. Inchworm 5. Five little speckled frogs 6. The wasps 7. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly 8. Caterpillars only crawl 9. The beehive 10. Ugly bug ball 11. The ants go marching 12. The spider and the fly 13. Rillaby Rill 14. Lots of worms 15. Over in the meadow 16. Little Miss Muffett 17. Butterfly flutterby 18. Under a web 19. A centipede song 20. The honey bee’s song 21. A wooly caterpillar 22. I have a little spider 23. Blue Tailed Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn).
Approx. playing time 60 min.