Small World – Riding School – Pony and rider.

 34.95 Inc. Vat



A small stable with a pony and rider a water trough and a bail of hay is all that is need for a small world adventure.
Small world games give the child the opportunity to create situations and story lines in their own minds.
Language development opportunities.
Social and Emotional development opportunities – the children play and interact with each other.
Comes in a cardboard case –  32 x 27 x 11 cm.
64 pieces.
Made in France by Eco friendly toy makers JeuJura.
JeuJura say : The company attaches great importance to the quality of its manufacture and to compliance with various safety and environmental standards: We use wood, beech and maritime pine, from French forests exploited in such a way as to ensure sustainable development, these woods are processed in French sawmills.
We use water-based tints without the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to tint all the wooden parts of our toys.
Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard . Our printers are IMPRIM’VERT certified or use vegetable-based inks .
We make our purchases of raw materials from local and regional suppliers .
We recycle and recover our waste and are members of the “  eco-packaging  ” program.
All products placed on the market are tested and controlled by independent laboratories and meet all the requirements of the regulations in force and in particular the toy standards .