Beech wood Shape Sorting and Object Permanence Box with 7 Lids.

 29.95 Inc. Vat



This shape sorter introduces the child to object permanence,  geometric shapes and  develops coordination and problem solving skills. The child may use her powers of discrimination, she may carefully observe the detail of one object, evaluate and makes conclusions or she may play and learn with the objects.
There are 4 Objects — 3D Circle – Cylinder, 3D Square – Cube, 3D Rectangle – Cuboid, 3d Triangle – Triangular Prism.
The 7 lids are made up off  4 lids – one for each shape on its own.  1 lid with 2 shapes, 1 Lid with 3 shapes nd 1 Lid with 4 shapes.They work on hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and object permanence.
The box and objects are made from beech wood.
The box is very well made and finished – a display piece.Please ensure the child is able to play with the sorting box . Do not let the child get frustrated. They work on hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and object permanence.
Adult supervision required at all times. Sliding lid and drawer – danger for little fingers.Prices Shown include VAT @ 23%.
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