RE-Plastic – Interlocking One Hundred Board with 8 Green Rods & 20 Yellow Units

 9.99 Inc. Vat

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Contents :  20 yellow units, 8 green rods and a printed blue flat in a plastic box with lid.
Made of RE-Plastic®

  • Recognize and use structures in number recognition.
  • Varied exercises for bundling: How many units make a ten-bar? How many tens make a hundreds plate?
  • Use the structure of the tens system (bundling, place value) in a planned and systematic way and justify relationships between different number representations (e.g., place value notation, graduated notation: 134 → 1H 3T 4U, number word, units cube / rods of ten / hundred flats).
  • Minus and plus tasks in the hundreds space.
  • Add to the full hundred
  • Laying out given numbers