RE-Plastic – Base Ten Set to Ten Thousand Plus – 198 pieces

 89.95 Inc. Vat

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100 yellow units, 50 green rods, 30 blue hundred flats and 9 red thousand cubes made of RE-Plastic®.
Plus: Two Sets of Place value dice : Dice of each: units, tens -, hundreds – and thousands  and a decimal place value-number flipchart  to 9999.
Packed in a cardboard box with information sheet.

    • Recognize and use structures in number recognition (e.g., 1000 as 10 Hundreds  or as 100 Tens).
    • Use the structure of the tens system (bundling, place value) in a planned and systematic way and justify relationships between different number representations (e.g., place value notation, step notation:
    • 734 → 7H 3T 4U, number word, units / rods of tens / hundred flats),
    • To be confident about the decadal place value system.
    • Compare spatial contents of simple solids by building with unit cubes and by counting unit cubes.
    • Draw on knowledge of measuring area content.
    • Recognition: A place value table helps to recognize which digit is in which place and what value it has.