Puzzle Series – Modern Families

 120.00 Inc. Vat




Set of 4 Puzzles.
40 x 28 cm each
At the market  – 32 pieces
At the seaside  – 32  pieces
Having a picnic – 32 pieces
With the new Home  –  32 puzzle pieces
Age recommendation : 4 years plus.
This set of four puzzles are Social Stories that are used to show diversity in modern Irish families.
Aistear : Help me to learn to value social and cultural difference and to recognise that I live in a diverse , multi-ethnic society. Help me to learn to recognise and challenge injustice and discrimination and to stand up for myself and others.

Aistear is based on 12 principles of early learning development.
The first group of three principles concerns children and their lives in early childhood.
the child’s uniqueness.
equality and diversity.
children as citizens.
Puzzle 1: Two children are on a day out in the park.
The colour of the families skins are diverse.
The father has white skin. The mother has dark skin.
The children’s skin is darker than their father
and lighter than their mother.

Puzzle 2: Two children are at the seaside with their parents.
The parents are both males.
The parents are holding hands.

Puzzle 3: Two children are enjoying a picnic with their parents.
The parents are both females.
The children are enjoying the picnic food.
Their parents are enjoying being together.

Puzzle 4 : Five children are outside their house with their parents.
Everyone has the same skin colour.
Some children’s hair colours is the same as their mother.
Some children’s hair colour is the same as their father.
This maybe a new family with children from different parents.

Aistear : Nurturing equality and diversity is important in early childhood.
Promoting equality is about creating a fairer society in which everyone can participate equally with the opportunity to fulfil his/her potential.
Diversity is about welcoming and valuing individual and group differences, and understanding and celebrating difference as part of life.