Puzzle – Mushrooms – 2 layers

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Puzzle with edible mushrooms in various stages of development.
Seven type – Golden Chanterelle, Saffron milk cap, Parasol mushroom, Common Morel, Penny Bun and Slippery Jack.
The labels have correction of error built in.
The correction of error element is completed in Ireland by a person with special needs.
Mushrooms are a source of vitamin D – the more UV light they have the more vitamin D they make.
Dried Shitake mushrooms are a source of umani flavour – a  taste found in oriental food.
Umani is described as a “meaty” taste – Oyster Mushrooms are often used in vegetarian dishes for a  meat like texture and taste.
Contains small parts. Adult supervision required at all times.
– 2-level puzzles.
– Dimensions: 26 x 49 cm.
– 21 elements + frame and cover.
– Puzzle thickness: 5mm + 5mm.
– Painted with a colourless, odourless varnish with a certificate for children.