Phonics – Little Wise Toys

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The Little Wise Box of Phonics is a magnetic educational and learning toy offering a fun and interactive way for 3-6 year olds to learn how to read.  It follows the evidence based synthetic phonics method. This is a method of teaching children how to read by learning the letter sounds. These letter sounds are then blended together to achieve the full pronunciation of whole words. One of the many great things about this method is that, once children have learnt their letter sounds, they are able to work out the pronunciation of new words for themselves.

The Little Wise Box of Phonics activity book walks through all of the steps involved in learning how to read in a really easy and accessible way. So, as a parent or carer, you do not need to have any expertise in phonics to be able to use the kit. There is also plenty of opportunity for interactivity where children can implement the many suggested examples in their phonics toy with their magnetic word tablet and ninety magnetic letter tabs.

Parents frequently describe the Little Wise Box of Phonics as the perfect bridge between early years settings/early school and home when it comes to helping their kids learn to read. This is because it is in line with how kids are learning in early years settings and early school; and also because this phonics game offers an accessible, fun and interactive approach to learning how to read. The best feedback of all from parents has been how much kids are enjoying learning to read with their Little Wise Box of Phonics.  Early years specialists have also described this educational and learning toy as a great tool to use for one-to-one and small group activities in educational settings.

Everything comes in a small A5 size box which has a tray lid for all of the tabs, making it a perfect educational and learning phonics travel game to help keep little ones entertained while on the move, as well as at home.

Inside each kit you get:

– An A5 magnetic word tablet;
– An A4 Individual Alphabet Sounds poster;
– Ninety multiple magnetic letter tabs; and
– An activity book which walks through the different stages of learning how to read in a step-by-step and accessible way.

The Little Wise Box of Phonics has been informed by the UK Early Years Foundation Stage and  UK Key Stage 1 of the Curriculum, and developed in consultation with early years specialists.  This fun and interactive phonics educational toy will have little ones reading in no time!