Nursery Collection Music CD

 9.95 Inc. Vat



  • Playing time approx 60 mins
    1. Ride a cock horse
    2. Round and round the garden
    3. This little pig went to market
    4. Little bo-peep
    5. Pop goes the weasel
    6. Bobby shafto
    7. See saw Margery Daw
    8. I had a little nut tree
    9. There was a crooked man
    10. Ding dong bell
    11. Seven little pigs went to market
    12. When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears
    13. Hickory dickory dock
    14. Twinkle twinkle little star
    15. Ring a ring of roses
    16. Pease pudding hot
    17. Humpty dumpty
    18. Goosey goosey gander
    19. Incy wincy spider
    20. All the pretty little horses
    21. FAIRY STORIES The little red hen
    22. The three little pigs
    23. Sleeping beauty
    24. The tortoise and the hare
    25. The gingerbread man