My language buddy – Talking Wall Chart & Language Cards

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One of the more significant changes to the school population in recent years has been the increase in the number of children with the language of the country they are living in as an additional language. Until they have got very basic language, they can’t really integrate into the class. Imagine you being a young child, in a classroom where everybody speaks a language you don’t understand. You must feel as living on an island. To help you to achieve the new language and feel safe in your new world, we developed ‘My language buddy’. A combination of the Rolf language cards and the ‘Recordable Talking Wall Chart’. The pictures on the cards are based on the primary vocabulary (based upon the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) children need in the first instance to develop their communication skills and self-reliance.
Recordable wall chart : This talking wall chart (65 × 53 cm) is used in combination with Rolf language cards . Place the cards inside the 30 pockets and record a message to each one. Easy to use for children and teachers. The recordings are made by simply pressing the green button by the pocket and recording into the black box at the top. A simple switch moving from record to play, will then enable you to play back the message by pressing the green button again.