Mini Ball Game – double sided.

 33.00 Inc. Vat





Awarded the SPIEL GUT for a game with extra educational value. The front and back  of the tray are playable. The ball troughs are arranged in rows on one side. On the other side, the ball recesses are arranged offset. This results in a wide range of options for laying or building patterns.
The small balls are particularly easy to grip with tweezers. The tweezers can be easily made by yourself. The material for this is included. Grasping with tweezers is additional fun and gives the mini ball game a special charm.
Approx. 250 wooden balls 10  mm in diameter in 10 bright colours of the rainbow.
1 MDF tray 175 x 175 x 10 mm – can be used on each side.
1 tweezers to make yourself.