Figure of 8 – Double sided – Cross the Midline – made by special needs workers.

 54.00 Inc. Vat





The marble run can be played on both sides and each side has a different level of difficulty due to different deep grooves. The labyrinth is delivered with 2 high quality steel balls in a linen bag.
The ability to carry out a soft, coordinative “flow” between the two halves of the brain and body as a harmonious movement is a good exercise much appreciated in  preschool. When playing  you activate both brain halves by crossing the ball and controlling movement of the hands. That is why this game was awarded the “spiel gut” seal. The award stands for particularly educational toys.
Everyone loves to learn to control their body better and better and watch their progress in motor skills and coordination closely. The marble run is an excellent exercise for relieving stress and learning blocks, improving motor skills and coordination, and children love to navigate the ball through the run. The wood product complies with the European “Safety of Toys EN 71”. It promotes dexterity and motor skills

  • solves learning blocks and stress
  • 2 levels of difficulty due to grooves of different depths
  • playfully links the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • awarded the label “spiel gut” for particularly educational toys
  • made of solid wood
  • made in a workshop for people with disabilities
  • great gift for young and old