Educational Letters

 28.41 Inc. Vat


The eco-friendly and biobased toy blocks from BiOBUDDI. Learning letters are made from the remains of sugarcane plants and are produced in the Netherlands. The colourful blocks are recyclable, sustainable and safe. Toddlers will begin showing interest in learning alphabet letters with this set. While some kids learn letters very quickly, others need more repetition and time to learn letters. Teaching letters with BiOBUDDi is a great way to practice vocabulary, cognitive and verbal skills and will help your child to learn the alphabet at a young age. The Uppercase letters provide a tactile and visual way to help children learn the alphabet and might teach them how to read. Build a new creation or a tower on the baseplate together with your little one and encourage your child’s development.
Specifications: Contains 42 coloured building blocks with prints.
One baseplate.
Age: 1,5 – 6
All the BiOBUDDi toys are made in the Netherlands.