RE-WOOD – Base Ten Set – in 5 colours – 141 pieces

 33.30 Inc. Vat

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100 yellow units, 10 green rods of ten, 20 orange rods of five, 10 blue hundred flats and 1 red one thousand cube of RE-Wood®.
Packed in a cardboard box .

  • Recognize and use structures in number recognition (e.g. 1000 as 10 x 100  or as 100 x 10).
  • Use the structure of the decimal system (bundling, place value) in a planned and systematic way and justify relationships between different number representations (e.g. place value notation, graduated notation: 734 → 7H 3T 4U, number word, units cube / tens bars / hundreds plates), to be able to use the decadal place value system with confidence.
  • Compare spatial contents of simple solids by building with unit cubes and by counting unit cubes.
  • Refer to skills for measuring area content.