Base Ten Set -121 parts RE-Wood -with Number Cards – view video

 45.00 Inc. Vat


The relationships between ones, tens and the number hundred are quickly recognized when the children bundle ones cubes into ten bars and bundle these into hundred plates.
Included plastic  number cards in the range 1 to 1000. Highest number 1999. To match the blocks. Beechwood display box for cards included.
Adding and subtracting single-digit and double-digit numbers as well as whole tens can be practiced with the basic range of Dienes material.
Scope: 121 parts consist of: 100 one  cube 10 tens sticks 10 hundreds  plates 1 thousand cube basic size 1cm in a box with accompanying booklet.
Note: Not suitable for under 3 years
Suitable for children with dyscalculia, arithmetic weaknesses or arithmasthenia,