Abacus 100 in Base Ten Colours ( Yellow Green Blue Red )

 12.99 Inc. Vat

Emphasizing the 10’s structure.
Addition – adding with and without passing tens
Multiplication – multiply
Division – dividing – distributing
Comparison of numbers (more-fewer)
Discovering relationships between numbers
Using technical terms (e.g., predecessor/successor, neighboring tens/neighboring hundreds, half/double of, multiple/divisor of)

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Abacus made of the natural material RE-Wood® with 100 balls in the colours yellow, green, dark blue, red, turquoise, light blue, gray, orange, brown and purple.
Can be ideally combined with our system working materials, as the individual place values are coordinated with each other.
RE-Wood® is made of 100% recycled and natural materials and can be recycled again and again after use.
Colour  scheme:
One = yellow
Tens = green
Hundreds = blue
Thousands = red
etc.item packaging:
weight: 0.462kg
dimensions: 25 x 5 x 17cm