Alphabet Letters Objects – set of 10.

 14.95 Inc. Vat



Theses items are not toys. Adult supervision is needed at all times. Danger of choking.
I recommend both adult and child read the picture book ” How My Brian Learns to Read” together.
Here we start building our Sounds Effects Studio and our Photo Lab Library
Sound out and spell the objects with the Letters.
The objects are consonants – vowel – consonant  phonic words.
We want the child to link the sound of the objects name  to the sound of the letters.
We want the child to begin building a mental visual library of words.
The child will know most of the object names.
Most children will like the animal objects.
Objects are  a – cat & pan,  i – pig & lid, O – dog & pot, U –  jug & mug, e – hen & bed.
The child is encouraged to pick up and hold the object.
Ages 3+.
Not for children under 3 yrs
Adult supervision required at all times.