5 A Day – Fruits – dexterity & discovery

 13.99 Inc. Vat

A refined and Made in Italy design for a quality game made of recycled plastic. The fruits to be broken down and reassembled stimulate logic with different types of games with increasing difficulty, to accompany the little ones in their growth by stimulating their skills in development. The avocado opens and hides a stone ball to be removed and reinserted. Pineapple is made up of stackable elements. The orange opens and hides 4 wedges to be extracted and then put away. Each fruit stimulates different manual exercises and different sensory experiences thanks to the textures. The attention to detail and the research of the materials used are the result of a 100% Italian competence that guarantees the quality and safety of the product. Every detail is designed to make the child’s use of the game engaging and exciting. An ideal early childhood game from 12 months that stimulates manual skills and logical reasoning.


A baby play set with three colorful fruits to nourish the mind and stimulate the logic of the little ones.