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In the Let’s Grow Literacy section are Early Years Phonic Readers , Language Development support materials and language games for active learning.
First a child needs to understand what is being said. The sounds of the words are stored in the front of the brain.
The image of a word is stored at the back of the brain.
The brain can join the sound and image together once it understands that the image represents the sound.
A proven method is using Phonemes ( phonemic awareness ). The image of the letter is linked to its sound. Using these the brain learns the word image is a sound it knows – cat, dog .
Once this link is made the brain can store the image and its sound linked together.
When a word is not known the brain goes back to the phonemes to work out its sound. This method works best with pure phonic languages such as Italian.
English is not a pure phonic language which means it is important the child has picked up the sounds of the words they are reading.
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